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Dental Implants – Oklahoma City, OK

The Only Complete Tooth Replacement

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If you have lost a tooth or multiple teeth due to injury, decay, or periodontal disease, you understand the negative impact that your condition can have on your everyday life. With an incomplete set of teeth, even the simplest of actions become difficult, if not impossible. Speech can become slurred and eating a complete diet can be painful and exceedingly challenging. In addition, missing teeth can drastically diminish your sense of self-confidence. Fortunately, our expert implant dentist offers a permanent tooth replacement solution that looks and feels completely natural: dental implants. Read on to learn more about this replacement option and how you can benefit from them.

Benefits of Dental Implants

Dental implants improve your oral health in more ways than one. Because the bone in the jaw requires stimulation from tooth roots, it begins to deteriorate over time when one or more teeth are lost. With dental implants, the bone tissue receives sufficient stimulation to remain healthy, thereby reducing the risk of further tooth loss. When your jawbone is healthy and full, your facial contours are preserved. This means that patients with dental implants can avoid the older, sunken look often associated with other tooth replacement options.

Additionally, dental implants are stronger than any other option, allowing you to easily chew through all of your favorite foods. Plus, with proper care, dental implants can last a lifetime, making them a dependable replacement solution.

Indications for Dental Implants

We can use dental implants to replace one tooth, multiple teeth, or even entire smiles. The restoration that we recommend will directly depend on the number of teeth that you’re missing.

Missing Single Tooth

Are you missing just one tooth? It’s still important to replace it, which will protect your smile from the issues that missing teeth cause. We can use an implant-retained crown to seamlessly complete your smile while restoring its function and appearance.

Missing Multiple Teeth

If you’re missing multiple teeth consecutively, we will recommend using an implant-retained bridge. This custom made prosthetic literally “bridges” the gap in your smile with some help from dental implants on either side for support.

Missing All Teeth

If you’re missing all or most of your teeth, there is no better option than implant-retained dentures. Combining the best of both worlds, implant-retained dentures allow us to replace all of your teeth at once with the stability and health benefits of dental implants. Typically, an average of 4 dental implants will be needed to properly support a denture.

Understanding the Cost of Dental Implants

The cost of your dental implants will vary based on a few key factors like the condition of your oral health, the number of teeth you’re missing, and the strength of your jawbone. Dr. Mitchell will carefully examine your smile to develop a personalized treatment plan that includes cost. The type of restoration that you need will also influence the total cost of your treatment, which is why it’s hard to give a precise estimate without checking your mouth out first. At Mitchell Smile Design, our friendly team is experienced at maximizing insurance benefits, and we even offer financing options to allow everyone to receive quality dental care at an affordable price.

Dental Implant FAQs

An older man having his teeth examined by a dental professional after having dental implants put into place

If you are one of the many patients who has been giving the green light to move forward with dental implants in OKC, congratulations! Dr. Mitchell and his team look forward to helping you achieve the smile you deserve using one of the most popular and superior forms of tooth replacement on the market. But if you’re also like many others, you probably have a lot of questions. To ensure you receive the clarity you need to feel confident about your decision to choose dental implants, we’ve compiled some common questions asked by many of our patients. If you would like to schedule an appointment to inquire further or address any concerns, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Will I be restricted as to what types of food I can eat?

With dental implants, you can experience to enjoy all your favorite foods. While it is advised that you avoid hard, crunchy foods because they can damage both your real and artificial teeth, you’ll never need to worry about missing out on your favorite meals. Dental implants look and feel just like regular teeth, so you’ll have a better bite force that is evenly distributed so you can eat confidently among family and friends.

Will it be painful to receive dental implants?

Once your dental implants are surgically placed, you can expect to experience several days of soreness. After all, we will need to gain access to your jawbone through the gums, so this area of your mouth will likely be tender in the following days after your procedure. By adhering to our instructions and taking any prescribed or over-the-counter pain reliever as instructed, you can expect to begin feeling better shortly after having your implants put into place. While this doesn’t mean you should return to strenuous activity, you will begin to notice less discomfort with each day.

Will I need a bone graft or sinus lift?

This is dependent upon how strong your jawbone appears when your dentist in OKC examines it during your initial consultation. If your jawbone appears strong enough to support your implants and restoration, you will be free to schedule your surgical procedure. However, if there are weakened areas of your jawbone, you will need to undergo a bone graft or sinus lift, as this will ensure your implants have a solid foundation to fuse to and are sturdy enough to support your dental crown, bridge, or denture.

Can I switch from dentures to dental implants?

Many patients who are denture-wearers often ask if it is possible to switch to dental implants. In most cases, yes, but it is ultimately up to Dr. Mitchell to determine if you are eligible. Because dental implants become a more appealing option for those who are used to soaking their dentures each night and using dental adhesive to keep their teeth in place, it is necessary to first examine the jawbone and determine if the move to dental implants can occur immediately or if a bone graft must occur first.