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Comprehensive Dental Services for Oklahoma City Families

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Your smile isn't like anyone else's. With that in mind, Oklahoma City dentist, Dr. Brad Mitchell, and his team of dental hygienists and assistants strive to provide patients just like you with personalized oral care every day. With our range of general, cosmetic, and restorative dentistry services, we're confident we can meet your family's diverse dental needs.

From oral checkups and cleanings to teeth whitening, porcelain veneers, and dental implants, we can help you attain your ideal smile. At every appointment, Dr. Mitchell will perform a thorough oral exam to determine how you're doing and to assess your needs. Afterwards, he's happy to discuss all your dental treatment options and answer any questions you might have.

General & Preventive Dentistry

The bedrock of our services is general dentistry. With the treatments under this umbrella category, Oklahoma City family dentist Dr. Mitchell and his team are able to develop a plan that addresses all of your other dental needs, both restorative and cosmetic. We begin with your biannual dental checkups. At these appointments, we make your smile sparkle with a thorough cleaning and we also examine teeth for cavities, gum tissue for periodontal disease and soft tissue for the early signs of oral cancer. We offer the following general & preventive dentistry services:

Restorative Dentistry

Rare is the person who goes through life without needing any restorative dental care. For example, as the years pass, our teeth age just as the rest of the body does. Consequently, your teeth may succumb to a number of different problems, from decay to injury. A cavity, for example, can now be repaired with a tooth-colored filling, so no one but you and Dr. Mitchell will ever know. We use composite resin material that is custom blended to match the natural color of your tooth.

Another common occurrence as people age is cracked teeth, especially molars that have withstood years of pressure from biting and chewing. Such a tooth can be preserved with an all-porcelain crown. This tooth restoration encapsulates a tooth, thereby restoring its strength, durability and longevity. For people who have missing teeth, your OKC dentist offers crown and bridge therapy, as well as dental implants. Dr. Mitchell will be able to determine the option that is best for you. We offer the following tooth restoration options:

Cosmetic Dentistry

Whether young or elderly, all of our patients want their smiles to look attractive. That’s why we offer a number of cosmetic dental services, too. One of our most popular treatments is teeth whitening. With either our in-office or take-home systems, you can have a smile that is several shades brighter. If your smile needs more than a color boost, then consider porcelain veneers. These thin shells of dental porcelain cover a myriad of smile offenders including chips, cracks, fractures and even slight misalignment and gaps. Invisalign® is an orthodontic system that uses clear aligners to move your teeth. And if your smile needs a combination of cosmetic treatments to look best, Dr. Mitchell can create a smile makeover plan. We offer the following cosmetic dentistry services:

Creating Personalized Treatment Plans for Oklahoma City

Oklahoma City dentist, Dr. Mitchell, will carefully create your treatment plan based on the results of an extensive oral exam. We'll finish your appointment by explaining your options and listening to any questions or concerns you might have. We never want to move forward on any treatment plan unless the patient is fully comfortable with what we propose. Your comfort and safety are top priorities for us. Dr. Mitchell's goal is pain-free dentistry. He will do anything and everything he can to achieve this goal and make your dental visit as easy and smooth as possible.

Schedule Your Appointment

Do you want to schedule an appointment with Dr. Mitchell? Call our Oklahoma City dental office today at (405) 755-2670 to reserve your visit. We look forward to serving your entire family.